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Lori Harrison-Kahan speaks with Joan Michelson about Miriam Michelson in honor of 100 Years of Women's Suffrage. 

Lori Harrison-Kahan joins the podcast Lost Ladies of Lit to discuss Miriam Michelson and her 1912 feminist utopian novella, The Superwoman 

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 The Superwoman and Other Writings by Miriam Michelson was included in Publishers Weekly's round-up of new books about "historic as well as contemporary political trailblazers" that "offer an intimate perspective on women's engagement in the public sphere": "Edited by Boston College professor Lori Harrison-Kahan, [the book] includes a foreword by Michelson's great-great niece, Joan Michelson, who writes that her relative 'personally and persistently kept the women's suffrage movement and its key players front and center in the news of the day'." See "The Political is Personal: Women's Suffrage Centennial," Publishers Weekly, 6 September 2019.

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